Supporting your organization improve its ESG score.
From measurable value to a meaningful change.
Autonomous ESG Platform for Enhancing Company’s Value

Providing the best decision making tool through advanced and highly customizable ESG management. We will work with your ESG data collection, analysis to improvement simulation.

From data collection to advanced ESG management, we will support your company, tailored to your needs, to improve your ESG rating

Steps for Enhancing ESG Management

Make Data Collection to
Consolidation Easy for Your Company

As Dataseed’s method follows global standard frameworks published by several agencies, there is a significant reduction in the burden of responding/disclosure.

Dataseed works with different guidelines set by most important ESG rating agencies. We are aligned with the newest guidelines and the disclosure scheme (based on KPIs), so there will be little to no burden on future changes.

We use data science and AI technology to simplify complex simulations for improving ESG rates. We will assist in the best decision-making process through improvement measures and cost simulations. We also can down drill by same group companies, business divisions, and locations (areas/countries).

In addition, we will provide a benchmark analysis to show how well your company is performing on several ESG Score Providers compared to other companies in the same industry.
With ESG data scattered around, we will assist in data collection to consolidation according to your company's situation. We will minimize operational changes with a highly customizable system, reducing the adoption friction.

Additionally, Dataseed will update all the necessary guidelines, including the GHG protocol methodology. With that, you don't need to worry about any changes in the calculation process due to guideline updates.

Data-Driven for Enhancing ESG Management
Align to the Guidelines and
Frameworks Published by the most
important ESG Rating Agencies
In Addition to the Dataseed Platform, based on your company's requirements, we can provide many different kinds of customizations on your implementation (APIs, connectors, IoT) and as an advanced consulting service by our Experts.
    Dataseed is a technology company focusing on solutions for sustainability.

    Founded by our four unique talents, Dataseed brings diverse skills and innovation from our multicultural backgrounds to improve your ESG scores.

    The company was born as a spinoff from Recursive AI, one of Japan's most prominent AI companies.
    Masashi is a highly qualified professional, holding a master's degree in Environmental Resources from Hokkaido University, with a specialization in Carbon Trade and Forest Certification Systems.

    He brings a wealth of experience to his work, having begun his career at Softbank's Corporate Business Department, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in managing partnership projects that utilized AI and IoT technologies. He successfully partnered with a diverse range of companies, from established multinationals to innovative start-ups. Masashi then moved to Recruit's Domestic Business Department, where he leveraged his expertise to develop new business opportunities utilizing business data, launch joint venture projects in the financial sector and foster strategic partnerships with major companies. His strong educational background and professional experience make him a valuable asset to Dataseed.
    Mauro is a seasoned professional in the high-tech industry, boasting over 22 years of experience working for some of the biggest names in the field, including IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle.

    Throughout his career, he has held a variety of roles, ranging from Engineer to Product and Project Manager, R&D Director, Sales Executive, and Head of PMO. This has given him a diverse range of experience, from developing marketing and sales strategies for LATAM to designing and developing new products in the financial sector for APAC. In 2016, Mauro made the move to Japan, where he worked for two highly reputable companies, Works Applications and Cogent Labs. At both companies, he has demonstrated strong leadership skills, successfully leading a variety of projects with both domestic and foreign companies.
    Tiago is a distinguished professional in the field of physics and biophysics, with a Master's degree in Theoretical/Mathematical Physics and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich.

    He has a proven track record of excellence, having begun his career at Google DeepMind as a research engineer, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a senior research engineer. During his tenure, he worked on cutting-edge projects such as reinforcement learning, predictive models, and self-directed learning, making significant contributions to the field. His work has been widely recognized, with multiple publications in prestigious international journals such as Nature. He then joined the multinational Tokyo-based AI start-up, Cogent Labs, as a lead research scientist, before co-founding Recursive Inc in August 2020, where he currently serves as the CEO. With his exceptional educational background, experience working with leading companies in the field, and entrepreneurial spirit, Tiago can lead the Dataseed development to become a reference for the industry.
    Consultant for ESG Management and Purpose Branding Strategy.

    She started her career as a Business Management Consultant at Accenture and A.T.Kearney, where she led several types of projects about growth strategy development, creation of new business strategy, and cost reduction planning. Then she worked as a brand management consultant at Interbrand. In 2018, she joined Mercari, a CtoC online marketplace service, where she launched a branding project and an ESG project as a project leader. She then built a new team for ESG and led all activities related to ESG management, such as clarifying materialities, assessing positive and negative impacts on the environment, sustainability reports, and engagement with investors.
    Sustainability・ESG Management Consultant
    She took a part in the founding of Circulation CO., Ltd. in 2014. After working as a consultant to support the construction of management foundations and the personnel systems, she was the head of the Human Resources Department during the founding period.
    In 2018, she concurrently worked for the project with a theme of "Recurrent Career Woman" commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
    Since 2019, as an organization under the direct control of the president, she led the creation of the foundation for the company's sustainability/ESG management, while working actively as an external advisor. She has experience in Sustainability/ESG understanding training, promotion system/policy establishment, materiality identification, long-term change in thinking and index target formulation, and company-wide understanding policy design etc. She has supported over 40 listed companies, and conducted training for over 2,000 people.
    Completed Yale School of Management/Corporate Sustainability Management Program.

    Masashi Fukuda
    Mauro R Santos
    Tiago Ramalho
    Head of R&D
    Sumika Tabara
    Minami Nobusawa

    For any inquiries or requests regarding Dataseed, please use the form below. The person in charge will contact you.
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