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About Dataseed

We are a technology company driven by data, focusing on solutions for sustainability, based in Japan, for Japanese Enterprises.

Founded by four unique talents, Dataseed brings a diversity of skills and innovation that only a multicultural environment could provide.

The company was born from a spinoff from Recursive AI, one of Japan's most prominent AI companies.
Co-Founder and CEO
Co-Founder and COO
Masashi Fukuda
Mauro R Santos
Management members
Masashi holds a Master's degree in Environmental Resources (Carbon Trade and Forest Certification System) from Hokkaido University's Graduate School.
As an experienced business developer involved in multiple fields, from new businesses utilizing IoT to data analysis and Fintech, he uses his experience to promote alliances and partnerships to strengthen Dataseed's connection with its customers.
After gaining experience in sales strategy planning and major corporate sales in the corporate business department at Softbank, he led partnership projects that utilize AI and IoT technologies in organizations that implement them with a wide range of domestic and foreign companies (from big companies to start-ups) in the BizDev department. Then moved to Recruit, where he developed businesses using business data, launched JV projects in the financial sector, and promoted partnerships with major companies.
Tiago Ramalho
Head of R&D
Mauro is a former IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle with over 22 years of experience in the high-tech industry. He is a professional with a technical degree and several years of hands-on engineering experience, moving into a successful career in Sales, and then as Senior AI Data Science and Development Manager in Japan.
One of his strongest points is the experience of managing multi-cultural and multi-location teams, like Chennai, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.
His last position was head of PMO in an AI Startup in Tokyo.
Tiago holds a Master's degree in Theoretical / Mathematical Physics and a PhD in Biophysics from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. After graduation, he joined Google DeepMind. As a senior research engineer, he worked on cutting-edge projects such as reinforcement learning, predictive models and self-directed learning and published numerous papers in international journals such as Nature. He then joined Cogent Labs, a multinational Tokyo based AI start-up, as a lead research scientist. In August 2020, Co-founded Recursive Inc, and became the CEO.

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