Autonomous ESG Platform for Enhancing Company’s Value

Providing the best decision making tool through advanced and highly customizable ESG management. We will work with your ESG data collection, analysis to improvement simulation.

From data collection to advanced ESG management, we will support your company, tailored to your needs, to improve your ESG rating

Steps for Enhancing ESG Management

Make Data Collection to
Consolidation Easy for Your Company

As Dataseed’s method follows global standard frameworks published by several agencies, there is a significant reduction in the burden of responding/disclosure.

Dataseed works with different guidelines set by most important ESG rating agencies. We are aligned with the newest guidelines and the disclosure scheme (based on KPIs), so there will be little to no burden on future changes.

We use data science and AI technology to simplify complex simulations for improving ESG rates. We will assist in the best decision-making process through improvement measures and cost simulations. We also can down drill by same group companies, business divisions, and locations (areas/countries).

In addition, we will provide a benchmark analysis to show how well your company is performing on several ESG Score Providers compared to other companies in the same industry.
With ESG data scattered around, we will assist in data collection to consolidation according to your company's situation. We will minimize operational changes with a highly customizable system, reducing the adoption friction.

Additionally, Dataseed will update all the necessary guidelines, including the GHG protocol methodology. With that, you don't need to worry about any changes in the calculation process due to guideline updates.

Data-Driven for Enhancing ESG Management
Align to the Guidelines and
Frameworks Published by the most
important ESG Rating Agencies
In Addition to the Dataseed Platform, based on your company's requirements, we can provide many different kinds of customizations on your implementation (APIs, connectors, IoT) and as an advanced consulting service by our Experts.

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