Supporting your organization improve its ESG score.
From measurable value to a meaningful change.
Dataseed is a technology company focusing on solutions for sustainability.

Founded by our four unique talents, Dataseed brings diverse skills and innovation from our multicultural backgrounds to improve your ESG scores.

The company was born as a spinoff from Recursive AI, one of Japan's most prominent AI companies.
Masashi holds a master's degree in Environmental Resources (Carbon Trade and Forest Certification System) from Graduate School of Hokkaido University.

At the Corporate Business Department of Softbank, he led partnership projects that utilize AI and IoT technologies with domestic and foreign, big companies to start-ups. Then moved to the Domestic Business Department at Recruit, where he developed businesses using business data, launched JV projects in the financial sector and promoted partnerships with major companies.
Mauro has over 22 years of experience in the high-tech industry working at IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle.

He worked as a Front Engineer at IBM and Sun Microsystems. Then at Oracle, he was responsible for the South American region at the Department of Technical Sales and Sales Consultant. After moving to Japan, he has worked in several Japanese start-ups such as Works Applications. He was the head of Data Science and Development, and the PMO Department. He lead many projects with domestic and foreign companies.
Tiago holds a Master's degree in Theoretical/Mathematical Physics and a PhD in Biophysics from Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich.

He joined DeepMind, later acquired by Google, and as a Senior Research Engineer, he worked on front line projects such as reinforcement learning, predictive models and self-directed learning. He has also published numerous papers in international journals such as Nature. He then joined Cogent Labs, a multinational Tokyo based AI-start-up, as a Lead Research Scientist. In August 2020, he coco-founded Recursive Inc, and became the CEO.
Consultant for ESG Management and Purpose Branding Strategy.

She started her career as a Business Management Consultant at Accenture and A.T.Kearney, where she led several types of projects about growth strategy development, creation of new business strategy, and cost reduction planning. Then she worked as a brand management consultant at Interbrand. In 2018, she joined Mercari, a CtoC online marketplace service, where she launched a branding project and an ESG project as a project leader. She then built a new team for ESG and led all activities related to ESG management, such as clarifying materialities, assessing positive and negative impacts on the environment, sustainability reports, and engagement with investors.

Sustainability・ESG Management Consultant
She took a part in the founding of Circulation CO., Ltd. in 2014. After working as a consultant to support the construction of management foundations and the personnel systems, she was the head of the Human Resources Department during the founding period.
In 2018, she concurrently worked for the project with a theme of "Recurrent Career Woman" commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
Since 2019, as an organization under the direct control of the president, she led the creation of the foundation for the company's sustainability/ESG management, while working actively as an external advisor. She has experience in Sustainability/ESG understanding training, promotion system/policy establishment, materiality identification, long-term change in thinking and index target formulation, and company-wide understanding policy design etc. She has supported over 40 listed companies, and conducted training for over 2,000 people.
Completed Yale School of Management/Corporate Sustainability Management Program.

Masashi Fukuda
Mauro R Santos
Tiago Ramalho
Head of R&D
Kasumi Tabara
Minami Nobusawa

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